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Currently we have several honeys for sale:

  • Ohio Wildflower Honey.  Produced in north-central Ohio from the nectar of Clovers, Alfalfas, Goldenrods, and Asters.  This is a good Extra Light Amber to Light Amber honey with a multifloral origin.  If you live within about 300 miles of central Ohio, this honey qualifies as a "local" honey that you can experiment with for allergy control.

    16 ounce glass jar.............................................................$7.00
    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

  • Florida Orange Honey.  Direct from the Florida orange groves, this heavy, delightful honey will be available for a short while.  Orange honey is one of the strongest and most aromatic honeys in North America.  (Very limited supply).

  • Ohio Black Locust Honey.  Every part of the world has a honey for which it is famous.  In Ohio, Black Locust Honey is hard to get and highly prized.  Our Locust honey is a smooth, creamy, solid--you can tip the jar over without making a mess, but you can still spread it with a knife.  Heavy body, light color, with a delicate flavor and aroma.

    6 ounce glass hex jar...........................................................$5.00

  • Sorry!  We are currently out of stock, but if the weather holds we'll have Black Locust again as soon as possible.
We've had about a dozen different types of honey for sale in the last four years.  Stay tuned for more.

About Honey...

Honey is the nectar of flowers, gathered by bees and flown back to the bee hive, where most of the water is evaporated out and some of the sugars are inverted by adding natural enzymes.  The fielder bees transfer the nectar to the house bees, who suspend it in little droplets on the honeycomb and fan the excess water out with wind from their wings.

Every flower in the world has a unique mixture of simple and complex sugars, plus various natural compounds particular to that species.  This means that for every flower with a distinct smell, there will be a honey with a distinct taste.

In North America, there are about 300 different kinds of honey, that vary in color from totally black to completely transparent, and in taste all the way across all the variables.  Various individual flowers may produce a honey that tastes of butterscotch, or of mildly scented anise, or of oranges, or lemons.  Some honey can taste really bad, too, but those are hard to come by, although beekeepers know about them and try to keep the bees somewhere else.

Most honey sold commercially in the United States is importted, and it has been that way since the 1990's.  If the honey in your grocery store is domestic, it isn't't required to display a "country-of-origin" label.  If it is from overseas, by law it has to say where the honey comes from.  Most grocery store honey will come from China, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Uraguay, Brazil, or wherever the cheapest price can currently be found.  Domestic honey is typically more expensive, but you get what you pay for in honey, just like everything else.

Our honey is either from our own bees, or from those of beekeepers who we know personally.  We like it that way because we want to provide a pure, natural product, free of chemicals and contamination.  We are proud of our products, and invite your comments.